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211 E. Bannister St. Ste A9
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Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 10am - 4:00pm EST
Wednesday 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm

Other times by appointment!

A Quick Update...

Bobbie's mom passed away peacefully on 03/07/19.

We will continue to be open our regular business hours. At some point in the next few weeks we may take a short break (2 - 3 days) but we will be sure to post that in advance.

So while we are both in the shop now and working very hard please keep in mind it will most likely take us a few weeks to get completely caught up on the orders and a bit longer to have the website up to date.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all of the kind words, prayers and support that we have received.


Hello stitching friends!

**All that is left is 673 cotton skeins. We are willing to sell them at 40% off making them $403.80 and we will cover shipping within the US or 1/2 of the actual shipping cost outside the US.**

It is feeling so good to be able to work again - even though it's in snippets when mom is resting or has a visitor. My sanity is slowly returning... Now to catch up on all the random things Cam set aside for me to do!

First task... As we are no longer carrying the Carrie's threads we would like to clear out our remaining inventory.

We have 1346 cotton skeins and 798 silk skeins left.

I will give a really sweet deal to the person that takes all of the cottons or silks (or both!) off my hands.

Email me at with Carrie's Threads in the subject line and let's make a deal!


A little note from Cam & Bobbie...

For those that do not know - we are, and always have been, a two person business. No shipping "department" or other "staff" to speak of - just the two of us.

For the past year Cam has been trying to run the shop on his own so Bobbie could be with her mom who continues to battle fiercely against stage IV cancer.

It's simply not a one person job and we sincerely apologize for our inability to stay on top of things for the shop. We are working hard to get caught up and we will be able to stay on top of things better going forward as we've come up with ways for Bobbie to work remotely. (Hooray for Skype!) Updates to the website will be more consistent and emails and phone calls will be replied to in a timely fashion.

We want to thank all of our customers for the encouragement, prayers, and support we've received as well. You have no idea how much we appreciate each and every one of you!

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