2006 Market Report

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Always Time To Stitch released 7 cross stitch and 6 punchneedle designs:

Caught In The Rain Punchneedle

Eye of Horus Punchneedle

Intersecting Square Punchneedle

Papyrus Morning Punchneedle

Patriotic Square Punchneedle

Crazy Quilts Tea #1

Hippity Hop Tea Room

Oriental Blossom Tea

Spring Morning Tea

St. Pat's Tea Room

Wind Me Up Tea

Yunnan Forest Tea

Arachne's Silken Web had three new releases:

German Sampler Series
#5 Roosters

O Christmas Bee

Queen Bee

Bask Designs had nine new releases:

April Ornament

Eat Your Veggies

Floss Sampler


June Ornament

May Ornament

Soccer Mom

Stars & Stripes Forever

Summer Ribbons

Bent Creek's newest releases:

Winter Snapperland
The Villa

Snowman On The Hill Kit

Lucky Ewe Kit

Blackbird Designs newest Loose Feathers Club release:

Strawberry Garden

Black Swan released 2 cross stitch and 3 punchneedle designs:

Chenille Moon Punchneedle

First Peep of Spring Punchneedle

Hearts in Bloom Punchneedle

Flight of Fancy

Mermaid Magic

Brittercup released 5 new cross stitch designs, a punchneedle design, and an adorable kit:

Brotherly Love Kit

Spring Flower Punchneedle

Britty Kitties IV

Britty Puppies II

Keep it Clean

Stealing Oats

Brightneedle LLC released four new designs:

Ezmeralda's House

Hatz Bootique (with Button)

Feather Tree Ornaments

Something Blue

Carriage House Samplings had seven new designs:

Carolina Handley Tombstone Angel

Prudence Wilcome Tombstone Angel

Flax Fields

Honeycomb & Flower Garden

Scarlet Berries

Tavern Signs

Tavern Signs Too

The Cat's Whisker's Design Studio ran into printing problems so the rest of her designs are being shipped.
The two shown below we were able to return with from the show:

Red Desert Scissor Pocket
2006 Limited Edition


Three new things by Charland Designs:

He Loves Me (With Sterling Charm)

Strawberry Emery Kit

Wedding Sampler CD Kit

Chatelaine's newest release:

Taj Mahal Mandala Garden

Cindy Valentine Designs annual Egg Sampler:

2006 Egg Sampler Limited Edition

Cross Eyed Kat released three new designs:



Snowfight: Blue

Crossed Wing Collection has a new design and a new Hand Painted Fabric color:

2006 Hummingbird Green Violet-Ear

Blueberry Hand Painted Fabric

Designers A - C
Designers D - I
Designers J - M
Designers N - R
Designers S - V
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