Liberty Hill Limited Edition Pieces

Liberty Hill & Historic Stitches
Limited Edition ~ Harvest Home Pynboxe Kit

Hand-painted box has been done by Liberty Hill and the box lid liner design is by Historic Stitches. There are detailed instructions for making the wool pumpkin pincushion as well!


Liberty Hill
Limited Edition Holiday Carrier

Hand painted carrier is 4" x 5". Inside the carrier, on a bed of wood excelsior are 2 handpainted star Threadwinders, a fob for your favorite pair of scissors, and a small glass ornament.


Liberty Hill
Limited Edition Halloween Jack Stitcher's Wall Box

Hand painted wall box is 11" x 5" with two separate compartments. One side has a lid and the other side is open. It comes with 2 thread sticks (winders) and a small fob. There's a nail peg to hang your favorite scissors as well.