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Updated! Abby Rose Designs
Abby Rose Designs Limited Editions
Acorn House Designs
New! Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks Limited Editions
Updated! Alessandra Adelaide Needleworks
All Through The Night
Amaryllis Artworks
Amelia's Heir Designs
Updated! Amy Bruecken Designs
Amy Bruecken Designs Limited Editions
Annalee Waite Designs
Updated! Annalee Waite Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Annie's
Updated! Artful Offerings
Aury TM Designs

Updated! Barbara Ana Designs
The Bee Company
New! The Bee Cottage
Updated! Bent Creek
Bent Creek Limited Editions
Birds of a Feather
New! Black Branch Needlework Limited Editions
Updated! Black Branch Needlework
Blackberry Lane Designs
New! Blackbird Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Blackbird Designs
Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers
Blue Ribbon Designs
Updated! Bobbie G. Designs
Briar Cottage Studio
Brittercup Designs
Updated! Brodeuse Bressane
Updated! BushMountain Designs
Butternut Road
By The Bay Needleart
Updated! ByGone Stitches

C Street Samplerworks
Cardan Antiques & Needlework
Updated! Carolina House Designs
Carolyn Tinson Designs
Carriage House Samplings
Updated! Chatelaine
Chen Designs
Updated! Cherished Stitches Limited Editions
Updated! Cherished Stitches
Cherry Hill Stitchery
Cherry Lane Designs
**Closeout** CherryWood Design Studio
**Clearance** Chessie & Me
Updated! Chessie & Me
Cinnamon Stitches
Updated! Classic Colorworks Charts & Threadpacks
Updated! CM Designs
Cody Country Crossstitch & Crafts
The Constant Stitcher
Updated! Cottage Garden Samplings
**Clearance** Country Cottage Needleworks
Updated! Country Cottage Needleworks
Country Garden Stitchery
Courtney Collection
**Clearance** Cresent Colours Threadpacks
Updated! Cross-Point Designs
Updated! The Cross Eyed Cricket
Cross Stitch Antiques
Updated! Cross Stitching Art
Updated! Crossed Wing Collection
Updated! Cuore e Batticuore
CW Designs

**Clearance** Dames of The Needle
Dames of The Needle
Updated! Death By Thread
Updated! DebBee's Designs
Debbie Mumm
Debbie Mumm Kits
Designs by Gloria & Pat
Designs by Lisa Limited Editions
Updated! Designs by Lisa
Dinky-Dyes Designs
New! DMC Publications
New! Doodle Dog Primitives
**Clearance** The Drawn Thread
Updated! The Drawn Thread
Updated! Dutch Treat

Eazy Peazy Quilts
Ellen Maurer-Stroh
New! Elizabeth's Designs Limited Edition
Updated! Elizabeth's Designs
**Clearance** Erica Michaels
Updated! Erica Michaels Limited Editions
Updated! Erica Michaels
Eva Rosenstand
Updated! Eva Rosenstand Kits
Ewe & Eye & Friends

Updated! Faithwurks
Fantasy Faire Limited Editions
Updated! Fern Ridge Collections
New! Fiddlestix Designs
**Clearance** Filigram
Updated! Filigram
Finger Work Designs
Updated! FireWing Designs
Firecracker Designs
Updated! Fireside Originals
New! Five Times Blessed Limited Edition
Updated! Flowers 2 Flowers
Updated! Foxwood Crossings
Updated! Freda's Fancy Stitching
Updated! From Nancy's Needle
Updated! From The Heart
Updated! Frony Ritter Designs
Updated! Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

New! Gentle Art Designs
Updated! Giulia Punti Antichi Limited Editions
Updated! Giulia Punti Antichi - GPA
Glendon Place Limited Editions
Updated! Glendon Place

**Close Out** Haberdashery Designs
**Clearance** Handblessings
Updated! Handblessings
Updated! Hands On Design
Updated! Hands On Design & JABCo Squareology
Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
Updated! Heart in Hand Needleart Limited Editions
Updated! Heart in Hand Needleart
New! Heartstring Samplery Limited Editions
Updated! Heartstring Samplery
Updated! Heritage Crafts Charts
Updated! Heritage Crafts Kits
Historic Stitches
**Close Out** Hodgepodge Cottage Designs
**Clearance** Homespun Elegance LTD
Updated! Homespun Elegance LTD
Homespun Elegance Olde Brass Buttons
Homespun Elegance LTD Limited Editions
Homespun Samplar
Updated! Hot House Petunia Designs

Updated! Imaginating
**Close Out** Indigo Rose
Updated! Ink Circles
**Clearance** Island Cottage NeedleArts
Island Cottage NeedleArts
Updated! iStitch Designs

Updated! JABCo & Hands On Design Squareology
Jan Houtman
Updated! Jardin Prive
Updated! JBW Designs Limited Editions
Updated! JBW Designs
**Clearance** Jeannette Douglas Designs
Updated! Jeannette Douglas Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Jeannette Douglas Designs
Jim Shore
Jim Shore Buttons
Jim Shore Kits
Judy Dixon
**Clearance** Just Another Button Company
Updated! Just Another Button Company
Updated! Just Cross Stitch
Updated! Just Nan
**Clearance** Just Nan Accessories

Updated! Kathy Barrick
**Clearance** Kelmscott Designs
Kelmscott Designs
Kelmscott Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Keslyn's
Updated! Keslyn's Limited Editions
Updated! Kit & Bixby
A Kitty Kats Original
Updated! Kustom Krafts

Updated! La~D~Da Limited Editions
Updated! La~D~Da
Updated! Lanarte Kits
Updated! Laura J. Perin Designs
Lavender & Lace
**Closeout** Lavender Wings
New! Legacy Patterns
Lena Lawson Needlearts
Updated! Lila's Studio
Updated! Lilli Violette
Updated! Lindsay Lane Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Lindsay Lane Designs
Little By Little
Updated! Little Dove Designs
**Clearance** Little House Needleworks
Updated! Little House Needleworks
Little House Needleworks ~ Tumbleweeds
Little House Needleworks & SP Colaboration
**Clearance** Lizzie*Kate
Updated! Lizzie*Kate Boxer Kits
Lizzie*Kate Charts
Updated! Lizzie*Kate Flip-Its
Lizzie*Kate Embellishments
Updated! Lizzie*Kate Kits
Updated! Lizzie*Kate Mystery Samplers
Lizzie*Kate Quick-Its
Updated! Lizzie*Kate Snippets
Lone Elm Lane
Lone Elm Lane Early Wooden Wares
Long & Short
Updated! Long Dog Samplers
Updated! Lynn's Prints

Updated! Madame Chantilly
Magic Needle Designs
Updated! Mani di Donna Limited Editions
Updated! Mani di Donna
Margaret & Margaret Inc.
Marilynn & Jackie's Collectibles
Marion Scoular
Updated! MarNic Designs
New! Meridian Designs
Updated! Merry Wind Farm
Michelle Ink Limited Editions
Updated! Michelle Ink
Midnight Stitching
**Clearance** Milady's Needle
Updated! Milady's Needle
Updated! Milady's Needle Limited Editions
Miles To Go
Mill Hill Charts
Mill Hill Amylee Weeks Kits
Mill Hill Banding Kits
Mill Hill Beaded Ornament Kits
Updated! Mill Hill Buttons & Bead Kits
Mill Hill Curly Girl Kits
Updated! Mill Hill Debbie Mumm Kits
Mill Hill Jewelry Kits
Mill Hill Jim Shore Kits
Mill Hill Laurel Burch Kits
Mill Hill Monthly/Bi-Monthly Kits
Updated! Mill Hill Quartet Kits
Updated! Mill Hill Santa Ornament Kits
Mill Hill Special Edition Kits
Mill Hill Sticks Kits
Updated! Mill Hill Trilogy Ornament Kits
**Clearance** Mirabilia
Updated! Mirabilia
Mirabilia LE Kits
Updated! Misty Hill Studio
Updated! Moira Blackburn
More The Merrier Designs
**Closeout** Mosey N' Me
Updated! MTV Designs Limited Editions
Updated! MTV Designs
Updated! My Big Toe Designs
Updated! Myrtle Grace Motifs

Updated! The Nebby Needle Limited Editions
Updated! The Nebby Needle
Updated! Needle Bling Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Needle Bling Designs
Updated! Needlemade Designs
Needlemade Designs Limited Editions
Updated! Needle Delights Originals
Updated! The Needle's Notion
Updated! NeedleWorkPress
**Clearance** Nikyscreations
New! Nikyscreations Limited Editions
Updated! Nikyscreations
Updated! Nimue
Nine Stones Needlework
Updated! Nora Corbett Designs
Nora Corbett Letters
Nora Corbett Stitching Fairies
Updated! Northern Expressions Needlework
Northern Pine Designs
Updated! Noteworthy Needle


Papillon Creations
**Closeout** Passione Ricamo
Permin Charts
Updated! Permin Kits
Updated! Pheasant Street Samplers
Updated! Pickle Barrel Designs
Updated! Pineberry Lane
The Pinkeep
Updated! Plum Street Samplers
Updated! Plum Street Samplers Limited Editions
Updated! Poppy Kreations
New! The Posy Collection
**Close Out** Prairie Moon
Prairie Schooler
Prairie Schooler Limited Editions
Updated! Praiseworthy Stitches Limited Editions
Updated! Praiseworthy Stitches
Updated! The Primitive Hare
The Primitive Jewel
**Close Out** The Primitive Needle
Updated! Primitive Needleworks
Primitive Traditions
Primrose Needleworks
Updated! Priscilla's Pocket Limited Editions/Quantity
Updated! Priscilla's Pocket
Updated! Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine
The Purple Thread Kits (Limited Quantity)

Updated! Queenstown Sampler Designs

Rachel's Of Greenfield Kits
Raise the Roof Designs Limited Editions
Red Gate Stitchery
Updated! Riolis Kits
Updated! RK Portfolio
Romy In Austria
Updated! Romy's Creations Limited Editions
Updated! Romy's Creations Designs
Ronnie Rowe Designs
Updated! Rosewood Manor Designs

Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly
Sampler Cove
The Sampler Needlework
Updated! Samplers Not Forgotten
Updated! Samplers Remembered
Updated! Samplers Revisited
Updated! SamSarah Design Studio
The Scarlet Letter
Updated! Scarlet Quince
Updated! The Scarlett House
Updated! Scattered Seeds Samplers
Updated! ScissorTail Designs
Seba Designs
Sekas & Co.
Serenity Stitches
Shakespeare's Peddler Limited Editions
LHN & Shakespeare's Peddler Colaboration
Updated! Shepherd's Bush
Shepherd's Bush Fold 2014-2015
Updated! Shepherd's Bush Kits
Updated! Ship's Manor
The Shop Around The Corner
Updated! Silver Creek Samplers
The Silver Lining
Updated! Stacy Nash Primitives Limited Editions
Updated! Stacy Nash Primitives
Updated! Stickideen von der Wiehenburg
New! Stitches Through Time
The Stitcher's Village
Updated! The Stitcherhood
The Stitching Bear
The Stitching Parlor
Updated! The Stitchworks
Updated! Stoney Creek
Updated! Sue Hillis Designs
Updated! Summer House Stitche Workes Limited Editions
Updated! Summer House Stitche Workes
Updated! The Sunflower Seed
Susan Greening Davis
The Sweetheart Tree Leaflets
**Clearance** The Sweetheart Tree Teenie Tweenies
SYHO ~ Stitch Your Heart Out

T. A. Smith
Updated! TechScribes
Tellin Emblem
Updated! Tempting Tangles
Updated! Teresa Kogut
Teresa Layman Designs
Teresa Layman Limited Edition Kit
**Out Of Print** Teresa Wentzler
Updated! Thea Gouverneur Kits
Updated! Threads That Bind
Updated! Threads Of Memory Limited Editions
Updated! Threads Of Memory
Updated! Threadwork Primitives
Updated! Three Sheep Studio
Updated! Threedles
Updated! Tiny Modernist Inc.
Told in a Garden
Tomorrow's Antiques Bead Kits
Updated! Tree of Life Samplings
**Clearance** Trenner Needleworks
The Trilogy
Tumbleweeds by Little House Needleworks
Updated! Turquoise Graphics & Design
Twisted Threads


Updated! Val's Stitchin' Stuff Limited Edition
Updated! Val's Stitchin' Stuff
Updated! Vervaco Kits
Vetty Creations/Yvette Stanton
Updated! Vickery Collection
**Clearance** Victoria Sampler
Victoria Sampler Beautiful Finishing Series
Victoria Sampler Designs by Cathy Jean
Victoria Sampler Designs by Linda
Updated! Victoria Sampler Designs by Thea Deuck

Updated! Wendy KC Designs
Whimsical Edge Designs
Updated! Whispered By The Wind
Updated! White Lyon Stitching
Updated! White Willow Stitching
Updated! Wichelt Imports
Widgets & Wool Primitives
Updated! With My Needle
**Closeout** With Thy Needle Punchneedle
Updated! With Thy Needle
Updated! The Workbasket Limited Editions
Updated! The Workbasket

Updated! X's & Oh's

Yvette Stanton/Vetty Creations


Samplers Not Forgotten
Fourth Of July Picnic

Rosewood Manor
Hearts Of The Kingdom

Shepherd's Bush
True Heart

Summer House Stitche Workes
Galaxy Boxtops #2
Navigating The Cosmos

Little House Needleworks
ABC Samplers #1

Tree Of Life Samplings
True Faith